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My name is Filippo Gargani. I grew up in Florence and lived abroad for several years working, among others, at Microsoft Corp. as the first Italian employee, before realizing that my home was Tuscany and my passion was offering others the chance to enjoy authentic, memorable Italian experiences. That’s when I founded Italy’s Finest, a private travel designer specialized in creating unique tailor-made Italian vacations, events and celebrations. Over the last years my team and I noticed a continuously increasing demand for holiday home rentals, as well as a forever soaring passion for Tuscany. I created TuscanVillas.com to meet this call: we wish to offer everyone a chance to spend their holidays cozily accommodated in exquisite properties, suitable for all budgets, and revel in the leisurely rhythms of Tuscan lifestyle”.

What they say about us

I traveled to Italy to attend the Bocelli concert, hoping I would have the chance to visit Tuscany comfortably and safely… Italy’s Finest gave me more than just a trip to Tuscany they gave me hope that in a world where safety and trust are hard to come by there are people and companies that still believe in the old-fashioned way of doing business. I did not want to leave and will return to see more and Italy’s Finest will book my trip again.
Marie — Jewelry Designer from Florida

I would like to thank you for all your help with assisting us to organise our wedding. We are very impressed with your service and level of professionalism.
William — Businessman from Australia

Thank you Elena, for such a wonderful, informative experience. Tuscany was absolutely beautiful. The food and wine was unbelievable. Sometimes I have to stop and think that it was all a dream, especially the Andrea Bocelli concert! Thank you again for making our visit such a memorable one.
Maria and Robert — Syracuse, New York

Filippo, your company did a great job for our clients and we plan to use you again. Thanks again for all your help.
Greg — Travel Agent, USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Please, may I have an email and title for everyone we encountered? I appreciate the quick work.  Will enjoyed his first international experience and because of your work, so did I!!
I was able to just relax and enjoy the ride without having to firugre out where we were going and when.
Grazie Grazie Grazie
Shelby — Philadelphia, USA

But why choose us?

We are HERE, in TUSCANY (and LOCAL LOGISTICS do count!)
Ideally based in Florence, capital of Tuscany, at TuscanVillas.com we are simply passionate about our region! We know its villages, frescoes and vineyards from Abetone’s snow-laced slopes to Zeri’s mysterious woods, and are fully aware of Tuscany’s distinctive features, cultural characteristics and challenges. And, thanks to our extensive widespread network of premium suppliers, and the constant organizational support and expertise of our mother-company, we are able to provide any kind of assistance, solve any issue, or fulfill any last minute desire, acting quickly, effectively and efficiently at all times. At TuscanVillas.com we are right here, and know Tuscany by heart … that’s why we can guarantee seamless logistics!

And we have the know-how
TuscanVillas.com comprises a dynamic tightly-knit team of highly-skilled local professionals all with year-long experience in the event organizing and vacation rental business. Fluently English-speaking, zealous, imaginative and enthusiastic about our splendid region, we love our job and simply delight in providing our clients with their dream Tuscan vacation! Committed to our discerning clients’ satisfaction and full comfort we supply any service or assistance required, guaranteeing picture-perfect, memorable Tuscan vacations. We do have the know-how, and we’ll do the work… so just relax, you’re in Tuscany!

We listen to you
We listen to your needs and wishes, dreams and expectations and assist you at all times. TuscanVillas.com is delighted to be constantly at your side, providing detailed information and support as you choose your ideal Tuscan holiday home, and full, state-of-the-art services once you are here.

We do have the ultimate contacts
Thanks to Italy’s Finest’s experience and network of premium contacts, TuscanVillas.com is able to offer a truly extensive range of the most diverse properties, from luxurious seaside estates to quaint rustic farmhouses and grand villas. We personally select the homes we propose, and are fully committed to providing only charming, genuinely Tuscan, properties.

We believe in our mutual relationship and we do not bluff
i.e., well, we are straightforward, we simply tell the truth. Because at TuscanVillas.com we like our job and our clients! That’s why our policy is to keep you fully informed, supplying detailed information, and, provided we are allowed to by the owners, the exact location and real name of each villa. As far as rental fees are concerned, we are equally as direct: should you source the same property offered by us at a lower published price TuscanVillas.com will match that price!

Experience authentic Tuscan hospitality with TuscanVillas.com!

Italy’s Finest and TuscanVillas.com are so lucky to have her!!! Elena has worked in the event organizing industry for over 25 years, has great expertise and extensive knowledge about Italy. Passionate and enthusiastic, and well aware of Tuscany’s amazing potential, she is committed to guaranteeing our clients enjoy memorable Italian holidays.
“What I’ve been seeing, says Elena, is countless families and groups of friends, “regular folks” like you and me, simply longing to bask under the Tuscan sun, spending their holidays in charming, authentic, Tuscan homes which they can afford. And that’s what we love doing at TuscanVillas.com, providing each of you with YOUR dream vacation home!”
At TuscanVillas.com we are proud to be able to offer a wide, dazzling array of properties of all kinds, suitable for all budgets. Rustic farmhouses, family-friendly seaside villas, charming countryside estates or strategically located city center apartments.. you name it, we’ll find it!


Featured properties

  • Casa Crete

    Perched atop a gentle hill immersed in Val d’Orcia’s fairytale-like landscapes, rises Casa Crete. This gorgeous estate is an ideal, charming, retreat to fully experience the peaceful, leisurely rhythms of typical Tuscan lifestyle. A picture-perfect home away from home

  • La Tavernaccia

    Imagine a beautiful Renaissance villa framed by the gentle rolling hills and green vineyards of Chianti… Villa Tavernaccia is all this and much more! A dreamlike estate and an icon of authentic Tuscan style and elegance. The estate includes extensive private grounds and a marvelous villa, splendidly restored to include the best in modern deluxe facilities while maintaining the original architecture, this unique mansion provides luxurious comfort and an authentic experience of the Tuscan lifestyle in a strategic location. A vacation at Villa Tavernaccia offers the chance to embark in an enlightening discovery of Tuscany, its many marvels genuine soul and heritage!

  • La Spugna

    La Spugna is an oasis, a vacation villa set in a unique position: right on the sandy and peaceful beach of Bolgheri, one of the most sublime spots of Northern Maremma. The charming one floor stone villa rises within the property’s extensive grounds, among graceful pine trees, the sweet-scented shrubs, typical of the Mediterranean maquis estate and the Tyrrhenean Sea’s soft sand and frothy waves. La Spugna is an authentic seaside retreat, an exclusive venue perfect for a relaxed, unforgettable Tuscan vacation!

  • Castello di Segalari

    Castello di Segalari is a dream castle, a rare, mesmerizing venue. Located in a spectacular position in the midst of Northern Maremma’s awe inspiring landscape made of rolling hills, ample valleys and shady forests, the whole estate comprises 22 acres of sprawling vineyards and century-old forests which surround a sumptuous castle. Experience feeling like royalty, Castello di Segalari is an unrivaled venue for a fairytale-like Tuscan vacation