The sun-kissed Tuscan countryside is one of the world’s most sought-after and desired holiday destinations. Everyone has seen photos, or movies, of the magical Tuscan landscapes: resplendent vineyards, soft hued corn fields, olive groves and dreamy gently rolling hills, dotted by quaint parish churches, tiny villages and… fairytale-like hamlets!

A little bit of history: Tuscan hamlets are small, often tiny, fortified villages which date back to the early Middle Ages and are characterized by sturdy ancient stone buildings, cobblestone streets and alleys, and a unique inspiring ancient aura. A hamlet’s buildings are located close to one another, and were once enclosed by stone walls all around. Many hamlets still show their perfectly preserved Medieval walls, are living and thriving “regular” little towns, rich in local traditions and century-old heritage.

Yet (luckily!) there still are a few, marvelous, privately owned hamlets in Tuscany.

Dreaming about a multi-generational family reunion? Planning a birthday, anniversary or wedding celebration? Or just throwing a blast for your best friends and loved ones? No venue could be more ideal for a superb vacation or event with many guests, and at TuscanVillas.com we are proud to offer state-of-the-art accommodation in the region’s most sublime, oasis-like, hamlets!

Set in a strategic position in the Tuscan hills, a hamlet generally comprises a widespread estate and several buildings next to one another, providing a variety of accommodation solutions, great privacy, relaxation and full comfort. Outdoor spaces are ample, allowing children to play freely and explore while adults (finally!) lay back and savor authentic Tuscan lifestyle.

Contact TuscanVillas.com, and book your own Tuscan hamlet, for a memorable, one-of-a-kind, fairytale-like holiday!

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