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“This cathedral! (…) the massive grandeur (…) struck me with a sense of the sublime in architecture (…) here we say nothing; it is enough if we can breathe” Elizabeth Barrett Browning on Florence’s Cathedral Art and culture focused holidays in Tuscany have ancient origins… During the 1800s worldly gentlemen and cultivated ladies, as well as great writers and artists, undertook a long, culture and art-focused tour of Europe at least once in their lifetime. The “Grand Tour” included several countries’ major cities, but its ultimate, most desired and sought-after destination was Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance, treasure chest of the world’s most sublime creative talent.


Since always, Tuscany’s artistic and architectural greatness have exceeded travelers’ expectations, proving to be more breathtakingly beautiful than any visitor had ever dreamt of or hoped for. Expert historian or art connoisseur? Longing to bring your children on a full-fledged discovery of the marvels of world-famed art? Wishing to admire unique artistic highlights hand-in-hand with your beloved? Tuscany’s vacation homes, villas and farmhouses, wherever they rise, are fully immersed in the local century-old enticing culture and heritage, surrounded by world-celebrated art and architecture masterpieces! No destination in the world can boast Tuscany’s spellbinding cultural legacy, and though Florence alone hosts more dazzling artwork than most countries in the world, all main Tuscan cities – such as Cortona, Pisa and Siena – are sublime, filled with wondrous palaces, enchanting churches and world-celebrated art, ranging from Etruscan and Roman, and Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance… to modern and contemporary! Tuscany’s amazing artistic heritage is deeply rooted into the Tuscans’ soul and connected to the lively local culture and thriving century-old traditions. In fact, Michelangelo, Leonardo and other genius artists created actually designed, the world’s art history. Meantime, the great Tuscan poets had invented the Italian language, while all along, expert winemakers in Chianti and Maremma were producing delicious blends and farmers’ wives cooking lip-smacking dishes… A unique, stunning characteristic about art and culture in Tuscany is that the region’s most precious and striking features are not all “hidden” in the superb, countless museums, nor are they confined to the major cities, art and culture in Tuscany are all over! Really, everywhere, to be discovered! The streets, squares and buildings of lesser-known, off-the-beaten-track towns, like Arezzo, Livorno, Lucca, are all open air museums, where a stroll is equal to a full immersion into centuries of blooming creativity. And, while many have heard about San Gimignano and its towers, not all know about Pistoia’s lovely cathedral and contemporary masterpieces, Fiesole’s ancient Roman amphitheatre, or Roselle’s unspoiled countryside dotted with amazing Etruscan remnants… innumerable tiny hillside villages boast perfectly preserved ancient walls, Medieval town centers and superb Renaissance palaces, and quiet mountain abbeys shelter unimagined frescoes. Art is all over, in Tuscany, and Tuscan villas’ vacation homes are too! Stylish apartments set in Florence’s noble palaces or in the very center of quaint ancient villages in the hillside; stunning villas in the Val d’Orcia or breathtaking farmhouses near Siena.

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