Maremma Tuscany… unspoiled, luxuriant nature, lip-smacking cuisine, thriving ancient traditions. Holidays in Tuscan Maremma are memorable! Southern Maremma comprises some of the best spas in Tuscany, as well enticing visiting options and exceptional accommodation: typical villas immersed in the splendid countryside, atop fairytale-like hills or along the magnificent Tuscan coast.


Maremma is a vast area which comprises part of south-western Tuscany and part of northern Lazio; bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea’s golden beaches, it boasts a spectacular coastline, rich in fishing villages, ports and marinas, and a gorgeous countryside of rolling hills dotted with quaint medieval villages and marvelous villas, rustic red farmhouses in golden fields and shimmering verdant valleys. Geographically, Maremma is generally intended to comprise Upper, or Northern, and Lower, or Southern, Maremma. Upper, or Northern, Maremma covers the whole coast from the Cecina river down to Piombino, including the Colline Metallifere, Val di Cornia, the inland hills to Roccastrada, Elba Island. Lower, or Southern, Maremma includes Grosseto, San Quirico and the Mount Amiata, extends to Scansano and southwards into Latium, comprising the “Costa d’Argento” and the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. Southern Maremma is rich in countless attractions, making it a picture-perfect destination for family holidays and farm holidays. In fact, the whole area boasts a breathtakingly lovely and extremely varied natural environment, all to be discovered starting off from the privacy and comfort of your own vacation villa . Long golden beaches, lined by century-old pine tree forests and juniper-covered dunes, lead to shady woods home to wild boar, rabbits and pheasants; flatlands and marshes, cultivated valleys and green hills and luxuriant vineyards. Renowned throughout Italy for its landscapes, exceptional wines and mouth-watering local specialties, the area is also famous thanks to its typical cattle: the massive, grey-colored Maremman breed. These imposing cows and bulls are often reared in the wild; calm and slow these charming animals with long curved horns, are herded by teams of strong local “butteri” authentic contemporary cowboys! Southern Maremma comprises a variety of diverse natural environments, ancient villages, and spectacular seaside retreats. Grosseto is the largest city of the area, characterized by mostly modern and contemporary architecture; when staying at your Maremma vacation villa, Grosseto comes in handy, as it offers all modern services, shops and utilities. Dating back to the early Middle Ages, it was property of the famed Aldobrandeschi family and served as an important stronghold in defense of their territories. The imposing ancient fortress, walls and ramparts, as well as the stately Aldobrandeschi building, are perfectly preserved. The “Costa d’Argento” (i.e. Silver Coast) and Argentario peninsula offer shiny transparent sea, dramatic cliffs, breathtaking views and splendid seaside villas for fairytale-like seaside vacations. Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, from which ferries to Giglio and Giannutri Islands depart, are perfect for dining and indulging in “Tuscan Dolce Vita”. Other lovely seaside towns are Capalbio, celebrated VIP holiday village, and Talamone, with its black rocky cliffs and imposing ancient Castle. Families with children and nature-lovers staying in Maremman villas or farmhouses will delight in visiting the Regional Park of Maremma. Also known as Uccellina Park, is an idyllic, unspoiled nature lover’s dream: surrounded by marshes, pine tree woods, fields and pastures it stretches from Principina a Mare down to Alberese’s wild, off-white sandy beach. The park is characterized by a great diversity of natural environments, from the Uccellina mountains to the marshlands and both sandy and rocky coast, and an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Further inland the town of Orbetello, surrounded by the lagoon, is the ideal place to savor the unhurried local atmosphere taking leisurely walks or shopping. The inner hillside is characterized by the typical tuff rock of volcanic origin; ancient caves once used as dwellings are still visible, and the whole area offers unforgettable spellbinding panoramas. Where to go, from your villa or farmhouse? Southern Maremma offers innumerable enticing daily excursions to choose from The so-called “tuff cities” are enchanted, fairytale like villages not to be missed. From Pitigliano, which appears as a vision, hanging as it is perched high in the middle of green hills, to Sovana, with its perfectly preserved Medieval town center, and Sorano, a maze of picturesque alleys and streets. All of Maremma boasts truly important archeological sites and necropolises, all to be explored. Roselle, Vetulonia and Sovana are magical places which boast splendidly preserved vestiges of both the Roman and the Etruscan civilizations, offering much more than just a glimpse of the ancient times. The Mount Amiata is an imposing, unmistakable presence in Maremma’s splendid landscape: the only real mountain in southern Tuscany and, at 1736m, the highest extinct volcano in Italy. Renowned for its charming medieval towns (Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Santa Fiora, Seggiano) and covered by a shady forest of century-old chestnuts, firs and beech trees, the Amiata is a dream for nature-lovers offering splendid walks along its thick network of safe hiking itineraries, and the chance to see free wildlife, especially deer and wolves. A vacation in a villa, farmhouse or seaside property in Tuscan Maremma is a string of unique, memorable moments: gazing at endless spell-binding views, learning about the rich historic and traditional heritage, indulging in the delicious home-cooked traditional food, savoring delectable olive oil, wild game and premium wines. A vacation in a villa, farmhouse or seaside property in “l’Alta Maremma Toscana” is all this. And much more.

Il Mulino

A charming, genuinely Tuscan, truly stylish private villa strategically set in one of the most beautiful spots of Maremma’s pristine countryside, at a short scenic drive from the Tyrrhenean’s sea’s golden beaches and the areas countless attractions. The villa is owned by a renowned Florentine noble family - with its gardens, convenient annex apartment, lovely pool and pool house – rises within the family’s lovely 200 hectares estate. Surrounded by resplendent green fields, Il Mulino degli Acquisti is an exceptionally peaceful and beautiful retreat, an oasis of tranquility and natural elegance.

La Vigna

A magnificent property located in the heart of Tuscan Maremma. La Vigna is part of an extensive estate privately owned by a renowned Tuscan family, which includes farmland and several independent villas. Immersed in Maremma’s natural environment, surrounded by a myriad of colors and caressed by gentle country breezes the property is idyllic. The splendid grounds, gorgeous country-style villa and charming independent annex apartment provide exclusive accommodation and serenity. Spacious outdoor areas, a lovely pool and state-of-the-art facilities guarantee luxurious comfort in dreamlike surroundings… La Vigna is the ultimate Tuscan vacation retreat!

Il Serratone

Serratone is a large, breathtakingly beautiful estate located in the midst of Tuscan Maremma’s sublime unspoiled countryside. Privately owned by a famed family the property features extensive grounds, countless outdoor activity options within the estate, and a gorgeous country style villa. Serratone, a one-of-a-kind venue, ideal for unforgettable Tuscan vacations.

Torre delle Cannelle

An authentic 15 century Spanish style tower rising atop a rocky cliff immersed in the Uccellina Reserve’s spectacular natural environment. Torre delle Cannelle is a rare, exceptional venue immersed in Maremma’s spellbinding landscapes. A secluded, enchanted oasis, for unforgettable vacations.