Weddings & celebrations

Weddings & celebrations

Your wedding… wherever it takes place, is a unique moment, a lifetime milestone and a precious memory to be cherished forever. But your wedding in Tuscany, surrounded by fairytale-like panoramas, century-old traditions and mesmerizing artwork, is… a dream come true!


And so it is for any other kind of celebration held in Tuscany, because no other destination in the world can offer a more enchanted background!

Holidays in Tuscany are simply a wonderful chance to rejoice and celebrate with family and friends. Yet, sourcing your own accommodation, celebration venue, and sorting out all the details of a superb party can be a daunting experience.

If you are planning on hosting a birthday, anniversary, engagement party, wedding or honeymoon in Tuscany, don’t hesitate further: the destination is ideal, and for all the rest… just contact us at TuscanVillas! We will be delighted to assist, helping you through all the details and logistics, creating the ultimate, unforgettable celebration, carefully crafted around your wishes, desires and dreams.

Birthdays and engagement parties, anniversaries and weddings, at Tuscan Villas we are committed to providing only the very best, from superb catering and service, to décor and entertainment for a magnificent party. Tuscany offers an immense array of options and opportunities for memorable celebrations and parties, and is able to source any kind of setting, from rustic farmhouses to luxury seaside retreats, and fling the doors of exclusive venues wide open especially for you, your dear ones and your own very special moment!


Weddings in Florence, Siena, Cortona and many other Tuscan cities, may be hosted in ancient marble-paved churches or striking historic palaces, and sumptuous dinners held in museums filled with spellbinding masterpieces, open exclusively for the event. For those dreaming about the Tuscan countryside, its rustic atmosphere and genuine charm, luxuriant vineyards and swaying cypresses, there are innumerable, exquisite, venues in the whole region from Chianti, Val d’Orcia, and the Arezzo valley, to sublime Tuscan Maremma.

Tuscany’s world-celebrated cuisine, tantalizing local products and award-winning wines, add value to each and every party. A wedding or celebration, in Tuscany, become… the ultimate occasion to savor! And, with our extensive network of high-class caterers, cooks and Michelin-star chefs, we are able to provide delectable gourmet experiences suitable for any kind of party!


Celebrations in Tuscany may be… any way you want them to! Sun-kissed, balloon-filled children birthday picnics , with a live mini-menagerie, inflatable playground and yummy gelatos from an authentic colorful gelato cart. Emotional gold wedding anniversary dinners, sumptuously served under the gaze of Michelangelo’s David, or young ladies’ 21st birthdays, fairytale-like candlelit dances with dozens of pink orchids decking the halls of stunning palaces…


Whatever the occasion, immortalize it rejoicing in Tuscany!

Villa Fara

The villa, originally commissioned by the illustrious Chigi family and designed by the renown Sienese architect Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi, has been extended and enhanced over the centuries, and has recently undergone a complete restoration whilst remaining faithful to the original design.

Villa Il Salicone

A lovely 19th century villa immersed in the bountiful grounds of an extensive estate... Villa Il Salicone is full of character and old-world charm. Immersed in the owners’ grounds, which include peaceful fields, silvery olive groves and luxuriant vineyards, the Villa includes a private chapel and an evocative internal courtyard and boasts a charming family legacy. Enhanced by a delightful private park and swimming pool, it is an authentic Tuscan countryside retreat, perfect for family reunions, vacations and memorable celebrations. Villa il Salicone offers its guests the opportunity to fully experience and savor Tuscany’s lifestyle and most vivid colors!