Stunning Heated Pools

If you are looking for a romantic off season location in Italy, it is always a good idea to look for a villa with a heated pool or jacuzzi.

We know that certain periods of time can be more intimate than others, special celebration dates and honeymoons do not happen only in the summer. This is why we have created for you a list of amazing solutions – accessible and comfortable for most of the year.

What could be better than enjoying nature around you from warm cozy water?

These properties not only offer to you a freedom of choice, when to stay in Italy and for how long, but they also guarantee you comfort and warmest memories of Italy, literally, like you have not seen it before.

Not only, the queues to museums disappear in winter but each season has its unique cuisine speciality. We assure you that authentic freshly served organic meals can be found in the Italian countryside all year round, the further away you get from touristy itineraries, the more you’ll discover the sense of Dolce Vita lifestyle.

We invite you to discover our estates in early spring, late autumn and in winter if you wish to get to know Italy from a different point of view.

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